Defense analysis

My name is Hans Peter Michaelsen and I have 41 years of experience from the Royal Danish Air Force and various joint positions in the Danish Defence. This includes three years as a military analyst at the Centre for Military Studies at the University of Copenhagen.

Since January 2020 I have established myself as an independent defense analyst analysing and commenting contemporary Danish and European defence matters including the war in Ukraine.

Contact info: – phone: +45 20 47 99 49 and/or visit the webside

In March 2021, I wrote two articles about Denmark´s Defence Policy and the Danish Armed Forces in the magazine European Security and Defence:

European Security & Defence Magazine, 3/2021. European Security & Defence (
Me as acting chairman in the NATO Air Force Armament Group (NAFAG), Joint Capability Group Command&Control (JCGC2), NATO HQ Brussels, 2016.

I have extensive joint and international experience including:

  • Air Defence operations during and after the cold war
  • Concept development, military technology and networked operations
  • Identification technology and command & control systems
  • Military acquisition and air & maritime surveillance systems including extensive co-operation with Danish and international defence industry.
  • Train, Advise & Assist (Capacity building) in Afghanistan
  • Academic research in military matters at the Centre for Military Studies, University of Copenhagen, projects includes F-35 acquisition report and military R&D analysis.
  • Teaching and education at the Joint Staff Course, Royal Danish Defence College.
  • Contact info: – phone: +45 20 47 99 49 
Report “Integrating the F-35” co-written with Senior Researcher Dr. Gary J. Schaub Jr, november 2018

The Unfrozen North” – I am quoted in this new article about contemporary maritime security in the Arctic region in the recent “Naval Warfare” issue 2, 2020.

Article from Naval Warfare 2-2020
Discussion while deployed to Resolute Support, Afghanistan in 2017 as LtCol and Senior Logistic Advisor to the Afghan National Army in Kabul.

My expert areas are:

  • Danish and North European defence including contemporary defence challenges in the arctic area.
  • Defence policy and defence planning
  • Military Operations with emphasis on air and maritime operations.
  • Military capacity building with focus on train, advise, assist challenges in Afghanistan
  • Military technology and acquisition processes
  • Air surveillance and air defence